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Financial Models


Doherty financial models are “client friendly” and typically include the following schedules and analyses: • Key Assumptions and Results – This section will also provide key variables and assumptions and allow the client and its staff to evaluate the impact on the economics of the project based on changes in key assumptions (“sensitivity” analyses). • Operating Cost Projections • Operating Revenue Calculations • Long-Term Annual Financial Pro Forma • Monthly Cash Flow analysis during the development period • Debt requirements, including projections of maximum debt capacity with various interest rates, coverage requirements, stress assumptions and amortization schedules • Sources & Uses of Funds analysis • Analysis of “gap” funding sources, including low-income housing tax credits, if the project is a low-income or mixed-income project • Debt Amortization schedules. • Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value Calculations, as requested. • Provide the net project “sale valuation” analysis at various time intervals • Long-term Capital Replacement & Reserve fund analysis

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